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  1. matthewpin Says:

    How old is toby? I …
    How old is toby? I have a meyers and he just turned 5 months and he’s starting to vocalize alot more. I hope to have him trained as well as Toby!!! Any tips or hints you can give an amature?

  2. GoodBirdInc Says:

    You bet: ) Make it …
    You bet: ) Make it your goal to really watch their body language. If they look even the slightest bit nervous, back off a bit. Try to gradually introduce something they like, such as millet spray and associate that with your presence. Think of it as trying to get a wild squirrel to approach you. It is about going slow, being gentle and providing something of value to the bird.

  3. AirKrow1 Says:

    i have 2 parakeets …
    i have 2 parakeets and i try to do all these things but they always fly away from me and fly to the other bird. Any advice?

  4. captmicha Says:

    Hey, I’d sit on …
    Hey, I’d sit on your arm for some sunflower seeds!

    It might hurt though.

  5. GoodBirdInc Says:

    There is a video …
    There is a video clip on the Good Bird Inc website that details how to train step up for positive reinforcement. Showing the treat is a good start : ) Over time I switch the treat to a “target” so the bird does not depend on seeing a treat to do the behavior. And yes I agree your hand should be non threatening. I teach people to keep their hand still and let the bird do the work of coming to you. This way it is the bird’s choice, amd his choice results in a desired outcome…he gets treats!

  6. captmicha Says:

    I went to this …
    I went to this class and they made it so complicated about how to train a bird to step up!

    Just do what you did. Have your hand between him and the treat so he’ fixated on having it and just views your hand as a non threatening perch.

  7. GoodBirdInc Says:

    Toby did this as …
    Toby did this as well. By teaching him through positive reinforcement the problem was resolved. I suggest you visit my website for more information on positive reinforcement training. There is also a video clip there on targeting that can help with the shoulder issue. YouTube doesnt allow websites to be listed in comments to avoid spamming. Just google Good Bird Inc and/or Barbara Heidenreich to find the site.

  8. myroosterwilleatyou Says:

    My parrot bites …
    My parrot bites when i scritch him on the head or play with him- not out of fear or anger but lovingly or cause he can- how can i prevent this? also how can i prevent him crawling onto my shoulder?

  9. Argusia Says:

    Wonderful video!
    Wonderful video!

  10. GoodBirdInc Says:

    He is receiving …
    He is receiving safflower seeds. The yogurt dip is reserved for going back in only.

  11. jason9098 Says:

    what are you givng …
    what are you givng him as a treat? is it yogurt drops for everything or just to go into the cage???

  12. GoodBirdInc Says:

    Thanks for asking! …
    Thanks for asking! : ) Positive reinforcement training is the key. If you visit my website at goodbirdinc.oom there are products there that can help you. Training the behaviors you see in this clip are demonstrated in great detail in my first DVD Parrot Behavior and Training.

  13. jacksragingjealousy Says:

    what i would like …
    what i would like to know is how you train them to do such things.

  14. GoodBirdInc Says:

    The clip you see on …
    The clip you see on you tube is a follow up from a segment in my DVD Parrot Behavior and Training. An Introduction to Training your Parrot with Positive Reinforcement. You can find it at my website which is listed at the end of the video clip ( you tube wont let me put it in this comment) It shows you how to train the behaviors Toby learned, including how to train a bird to step up without biting using positive reinforcement strategies.

  15. 1JETOUR1 Says:

    How did you do the …
    How did you do the reinforcment training to get him not to bite? Mine still bites at hands.

  16. liserloo1986 Says:

    AHHH! He’s such a …
    AHHH! He’s such a fuzzball! He looks alomst identical to my Meyers parrot.

  17. ECW98 Says:


  18. GildedViolet999 Says:

    Great Job on …
    Great Job on Training him!!! He’s a really cool bird!! We’re considering getting a Meyers Parrot, any advice?

  19. dedicatedtoamazons Says:

    Great job!!! The …
    Great job!!! The treats your giving him are yogurt dips? Hmm, I always wondered what people gave their birds for treats after they performed. Thanks for that..

  20. SirThomasII Says:


  21. mayatweak Says:

    Aww, how lovely! …
    Aww, how lovely! Good for Toby!

  22. MrOshun Says:

    wonderful..i just …
    wonderful..i just got an African Grey..Great job.

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